Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everything Boy!

So one reason I had originally kind of wanted to have a girl is because little girls seem like so much fun to dress up. Well...since I've found out that we're having a boy I've been looking up tons of little boy things on-line, on e-bay, etc. And I have come to the conclusion that little boy clothes can be just as adorable. For example, I came across a onesie that said "automatic sprinkler."
(It made me think of that depressing movie "Riding In Cars With Boys" where Drew Barrymore is changing her little boys diaper and his "automatic sprinkler" goes off and waters her mouth. Ugh! That's one part I'm not looking forward to!) I keep having to restrain myself from really going out and buying baby clothes until after the baby shower. It is so hard though, I keep seeing all these really cute things. Stephen has convinced me to wait though, just a little bit longer. But I did want to show everyone this totally cute baby christening outfit I found. (It has crosses all over it, if only I were Catholic) But still...wouldn't this be super cute for a baby blessing? (I hate it when baby boys wear girly white dresses for their baby blessings)

It even comes with this cute little bonnet. Hee Hee.


Megan said...

TOTALLY PRECIOUS! I'll lend you what's left of my Catholicism so you can buy that cute little number!

I was peeking at little boy clothes while we stroller-shopped at Babies R Us, and you're right--there are some seriously cute boy outfits out there! Uh, I mean "clothes." Boys don't wear "outfits." I love little girl clothes, but I generally find myself dressing Camryn in what's become her standard-issue uniform: a onesie, jeans, and a top of some sort. Usually a pink one with a hood (we have two). I'm SO not creative!!! I try a little harder on Sundays, but during the week that's all she wears!

p.s. I LOVE seeing little boys dressed for church in bright white polos and khaki pants. For some reason that just looks adorable to me, especially if there are several little boys in the family all dressed alike. Lucky you!

Becky said...

Boys are fun. Different for sure but fun just the same!