Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Problem After Another...

So as some of you know I'm not throwing up anymore, and I've been feeling a lot better, but for some strange reason I still don't feel good. Everyone says that the second trimester is like the honeymoon of the pregnancy. I had about a week or two where I was feeling really good. Then this week came and I just felt really funny. Not nauseated or throwing up...just...funny. I've been sneezing a lot too, and realized that it's my allergies. I've always had mild year long allergies, which is why most of you know I make funny noises in my throat or with my nose. Well now they are worse with winter leaving early and spring coming. I've completely stopped wearing makeup because the hormones are making me breakout, and makeup on my breakouts makes my skin feel worse for some reason. Also mascara has been a problem with my itchy eyes. AND I can't take any medicine because I'm preggars. My dad (oh, I LOVE MY DAD) is in town and took Stephen and I out for breakfast. I was sluggish the whole time, despite the fact that I'd had 8 hours of sleep. Well when we left we had to stop by Walmart and get something that I desperately needed. So we went to Walmart, and as if my feeling sick wasn't bad enough, the new shoes that I got last month strangely don't seem to fit anymore. All I did was walk from the car into the store and they hurt my feet so bad that I couldn't take another step. Well right at the entrance of the walmart was a walmart wheelchair.

Stephen suggested that he push me in it to save my feet. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but then as we started through the store I started feeling embarrassed. I thought, "Everyone is looking at me! What if I see someone I know and they think I'm just riding the wheelchair for fun when this could be going to someone else." Then I realized, if someone else really needed a wheelchair they'd probably have their own. The ones that don't have one probably don't need this wheelchair anymore or less than me, so I'm fine. Then we ran into some girl Stephen knew, and the first thing he says is, "Hi, don't worry my wife isn't crippled, she's just not feeling well." Oh Stephen. It still makes me laugh just thinking about it. After I got what I needed we went over to look at the baby clothes. I would just like to say that I am way disappointed in Walmart! They have three times as many baby clothes for girls as they do for boys. I guess that just makes it easy for me not to spend too much then. I came home and crashed on the couch, and slept for like 2 hours, and I still feel drowsy. I hate allergies!


Megan said...

Guess what? Here's the reason they call the second trimester "the honeymoon": because compared to the pukeyness, heartburn, and exhaustion of the first trimester and the aching back, swollen hands/feet/face, sleeplessness, heartburn, breathlessness, exhaustion, and constant need to pee of the third, the second trimester starts to look pretty good in comparison. But trust me--except for a very few number of girls who actually like being pregnant, the majority of us will feel pretty crappy most of the time. I mean, seriously--there's a very small person jammed into your ribcage, sucking the oxygen, nutrients, and energy right out of you, and growing bigger and heaver (and closer to your bladder) by the day. And it kicks. And punches. And wakes up right when you're about to sleep. So there you go. :) Oh, and my feet swelled up and grew about half a size during pregnancy. So, so annoying! I loved in flipflops near the end--they were the only things that fit! That's one blessing of a third trimester in the summer. :)

I never bought baby stuff at Walmart (no Walmart near us), but Target has AWESOME baby clothes for pretty cheap. Camryn's first three months of life were spent in Carters onesies and cotton pants. And in this really cool onesie that completely unsnapped down the front--no need to wrestle it over her floppy little head! One teensy tip if you're stocking up on boy clothes: Gerber brand onesies are always about one size too small. So if you buy any, aim for a size up and you'll be about right!

Sarah said...

Here is a link to some cute blessing outfits:

And it has the same stuff as this website, but cheaper:

And this website is just adorable:

Sorry that you are feeling so crummy! But maybe all this snow will help your allergies?