Monday, March 30, 2009

My Other ESL Class

I'm not sure if you all know but there were two classes that I had to do student teaching for this semester. My second one ended a little over a week ago. The second class was a TTTC class, and all the students were adults, which made it easier, BUT they didn't always come consistently, which also made it harder. Unfortunately I didn't get all of my students for picture taking time, only the ones that came that Friday for the graduation to receive their certificates for passing the class. It was a lot of fun, but I am thrilled it's over, it was a strain to do teaching for these two classes as well as have my own classes. Now I feel like I can relax. This first picture is of me and my student teaching partner. It was a lot of fun to work with Eleanor Clark, (not just because I love hearing people talk that have accents, but because I learned a lot from her, and I hope I didn't mess her up to bad with my bad teaching :) Just kidding!) Eleanor has a very interesting story, well...actually I don't know about her story story, BUT she grew up in South Africa and then moved to Germany in her later teens (I think in her teens). She's in my grad program and was a lot of fun. As you can also see in this picture: pregnancy hormones + Melinda = ACNE!!!!

This next photo is of my students, but like I said just the ones that got the certificates. They are the culprits that said I look like I'm having twins. Take a good look and glare, maybe even while grinding your teeth. (But don't look for too long, I bent too much and there's a little bit too much cleavage showing.)

This last one is of my teaching internship class, LING 579. All of us were student teaching at both the TTTC and the ELC. I don't know why I have that funny look on my face. It's either because I got confused at which camera to look at, several pictures were being taken at the same time (which is why everyone is looking and smiling in different directions), or it could be the fact that I'm standing next to Lena (the skinny, very tan, smiley Russian girl on my right) who just by standing next to me makes me feel like Java the Hut. She is about an inch taller than me and weighs 103 pounds. I'm not exaggerating, she told our class that! (She was the T.A.)

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Megan said...

You crack me up, Melinda!!! I had the WORST skin off and on throughout pregnancy. And recently I had zit after zit on my chin. Lookin' good. Anyway, Camryn had one, too, and Karl laughed at it and said, "See, Megan? I told you she had your chin!" SO RUDE!!!

Also, speaking of skinny Russian girls, my parents went to Hawaii in February, and while they were there, they spotted two super-skinny, super-trendy Russian girls on the beach, each wearing teeny tiny bikinis. So they took a photo of the girls as a souvenir of sorts for Karl and my bro-in-law, Kenny (us girls got a picture of a hunky lifeguard, so I guess it was fair). Anyway, that bikini picture is now on the desktop of my parents' laptop, which I use every day, so guess what I have to look at each time I log on?! I will never, ever look that nice in a bathing suit. Ever. :)

Oh, and one of my old roommates once commented on a seventh-month pregnancy photo of myself by writing, "Nice rack!" Boobs are so overrated, aren't they?!?