Wednesday, April 1, 2009

24 Night

For the past two months or so Stephen and I have been watching the show 24 with some very good friends of ours: Chris and Valerie Harmon, and Cory and Charisse Stephens. Call it our FHE group. Every Monday we meet at the Harmon's have dinner, dessert, and watch the show 24. The best part is all the funny commentaries that we make during the show. We all make some side remarks so no one tells the other to shut up, none of us really take it that seriously, but it is a lot of fun spending time with friends. Here are some pictures that Stephen took of the last two "24" nights.

(Valerie:Hey is it picture taking time? Melinda: YES, this is my fourth serving!!!)

(Melinda: That's right Stephen take a picture of my backside, becuase right now it looks better than the front. Cory: Oh, I wanted to pose but Stephen already pressed the button)

(Melinda: Ahh...Celery. Wait, what...? Another picture?) NOTE: Megan your "um...ew" self portrait sunday pix doesn't hold anything to this beautiful pix of me!

(Melinda: "Quick Valerie, block my belly! ah-hah! Now I'm ready!)

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