Sunday, April 5, 2009

California Highway Patrol

So, as many of you know Stephen is applying for the California Highway Patrol, like Nathan (his brother) and Micheal (brother-in-law). This means that he is in California this weekend, again, and I am missing him. I just want to take this moment to say that despite the fact that he missed his flight on Friday, had to wait at the airport for three hours, didn't get to mama and papa Taylor's until 12-ish, and only got approximately 3-4 hours of sleep, he still did excellent on his Physical Fitness Exam. In fact, he ran the fastest in his group. YEAH, WOOHOO! That's my man! And because he wore his Boy Scouts of America Troop shirt at the Physical Fitness Exam they asked him if he was an eagle scout. They were very impressed when he said "yes", and they told him to mention that on Monday during his follow-up interview. See, getting your eagle scout does look good, people do care. I love my honey and am so proud of him!


Megan said...

Go, Steve! WOO HOO HOO!!!!

Karl sends his compliments on that awesome picture, by the way.

Megan said...

I saw "The Joy Luck Club" on your list of favorites and am DYING to read it! I've never been interested in Asian culture before (well, more accurately, I've never been interested in martial arts, and to the Taylor men, that's like a sin--but really, who WOULDN'T get the giggles watching men karate chop one another? I just cannot take that seriously!!!), but that book I read really fascinated me. And Asian architecture, interior design, and textiles are incredible. So, here's a promise--the next time I go to the library, "The Joy Luck Club" is coming home with me! I know you're really busy and all, but if you ever have a desire to read a particular book, let me know and I'll read it with you! It could be our book club of sorts. :)

linda said...

I'm proud of Steve as well, especially because he performed so well when he was suffering with some kind of cold/bronchitis that had him coughing constantly and feeling pretty miserable. And I am sure that being an Eagle Scout can only help in the selection process.