Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Baby Checklist

I've had several people ask me where I'm registered for baby things. I signed up at Target, but as I was looking for things to register I realized everything seemed so ridiculously expensive (I never realized how expensive babies are). So I came up with the idea to post things that I think I'll need, and you can buy them where ever you want, or you can make them. Several things I know I could make for one-third the cost that they're selling for, and if you think you could too, feel free(These items have little stars by them * )! Then there were other things that I'm sure people might already have that they don't need anymore that are still in great condition. Again, if this is the case feel free. Plus, they always have great deals on for things that are still in excellent condition. So go ahead and get them where ever, or make them. (If you have any suggestions for things that I might need and are not on the list below, PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment, I'm still figuring out what babies need. P.S. RIGHT AFTER THIS POST I'LL HAVE ANOTHER POST WHERE YOU CAN COMMENT WHAT YOU GOT SO NO ONE ELSE GETS THE SAME THING, AND I SWEAR NOT TO LOOK AT THE POST. This way I don't end up with, for example, two changing tables. But there are several items that are great to have more than one, like clothes, right? So if this is the case, then don't worry about leaving a comment, but like I said, not on THIS POST, BUT THE NEXT ONE THAT SAYS "CHECKED OFF")

-Nursing Cover* (for breastfeeding)

-Baby Sling/Wrap* (I'm not sure if there's a technical term for this, but I do prefer the one that has two straps for each shoulder instead of one, to avoid back aches)

-Changing Table
-Changing Pad
-Receiving Blankets*
-Baby Boy Clothes & Shoes* (Be careful buying infant sized shoes, I'm told that Taylor babies have big feet, so aim a little bigger.)
-Nursing Pillow* (I saw this and it seemed like a good thing to have for those late night feedings.)

-Bottles & Nipples
-Burp Cloths*
-Baby Monitor
-Baby Gate
-Diaper Genie
-Baby Bathtub

Things I already have:
Graco Pack N Play With Bassinet
Car Seat & Stroller
Few Baby Clothes
1 size 18 months baby shoes
Baby Memory Book/Album
What to Expect the First Year (book)
3 Bibs

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