Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Weekend (Again)

I know that it was last week, but because our camera is still in CA I had to wait for my sister to send these pixes. they are. My fun Easter weekend getting to catch up with my sister Sarah (who, unfortunately, I only get to see about once a year.) We stayed at my Uncle Jim's new house in Draper. They were out of town so we had the whole place to ourselves! Like our own little rental, without having to pay rent! Not bad, huh?

This first one is of all of us having dinner together.

Now it's time for just the girls! During which Jeff took Stephen to see "The Castle" next door. I wished we'd taken a picture of it, the house was huge! (Man, my mom has such dark olive colored skin. I don't know where she gets it from!

There is an amazing view of the Draper Temple (which was just dedicated like, three weeks ago.) from the balcony which is right outside the Kitchen/Dining area.

Here's a picture of it during the daytime.

Here's Stephen holding Scarlett as we open the gifts from Sarah. I LOVE seeing Stephen holding kids and taking pictures of him with them. It helps me to visualize what the next several months/years will look like.

Here Stephen is holding the shoe up next to his foot to help us visualize how small baby's feet are. Even though these aren't the smallest of the small, 'cause they're 18-24 months.

Here Uncle Jeff is teaching Scarlett how to play pool. :)

Also, downstairs in my uncle's house there's a little play area/kitchen thing under the stairs that Scarlett discovered. Here she's asking us what we want to eat. :)

While we were staying at my uncle's his daughter/my cousin Veronica, (who is gorgeous! She's half Argentine, and has that exotic look!) came to see us. This is her daughter in the picture. Poor girl has 4 older brothers and has had to learn to stick up for herself. In fact, she demonstrated how she doesn't take crap from anyone by giving Scarlett the fist and shaking it at her. :) HA! Little kids...ahhh...

One of the main reasons Sarah came to the area though was to see my Grandma Jeanne Dean. She fell and hurt her hip badly, and her health has been pretty bad this last year.

This was the first time Scarlett got to meet her Great-Grandmother.

This was actually taken in St. George at an outdoor water fountain thing made for kids to play in. As you can see, she loves it! (But not as much as Uncle Jeff!)

Some down time with Gpa.

So that's the end of my Easter Weekend last week.


Megan said...

One of the first things I ever noticed about Steve was how kind and fun he was around little kids. Your hunka-hunk of burnin' love is a keeper! (Note: I personally don't find Steve to be a hunka-hunk of burnin' love. That's just an expression. So...yeah. Just clearing things up, lest they get weird. I have my own hunka-hunk of burnin' love. I'm not in the market or anything! Okay...I'd better just stop.)

A Wink and a Smile said...

Megan you make me laugh and smile.

linda said...

What a fun time you had! I'm glad that you were able to spend time with your family in such a beautiful place. I also think that Stephen will be a great dad. He has always had a way with younger kids, and is naturally a protector. Even when he was little, we used to comment what a good husband and father he was going to be.