Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mr. "Front Sight"

Stephen has gone down to his Disneyland this weekend to finish his Firearm Training at Front Sight, and has left me all alone, again. But I'll survive (hopefully). For those of you who don't know, Stephen applied for a job at a Firearms Training School outside of Las Vegas, NV at the beginning of January this year to be one of their Firearms instructors.

There were lots of people that applied, and Stephen was one of two out of everyone else there (there were a total of 38) that has never had any sort of professional training. Everyone else applying have been in either a Police Department/Patrol, the Marines, SWAT Team, etc.

Each day they tested the different people applying, and each day they eliminated a certain number of people. Kind of like a lot of these reality T.V. shows there are. Each day I waited to hear back from him to see if he had been eliminated. Well Stephen passed with flying colors! And for many of you who know Stephen, I mean really know him, this isn't a huge surprise since he loves going shooting and goes almost any chance he can get. Unfortunately it would be more of a part time job, and so they wouldn't work him enough for us to actually move there permanently. So he's finishing his training there and will go down to work there occasionally. Although the pay isn't that great, we think that this would look good on his resume to a lot of the other places that he is currently applying to, like the CHP. It's a highly respected school where a lot of police departments send their officers to get additional firearms training, but anyone can go there to get trained.

He wants me to go there and get trained, but I told him there's no way I'm running around holding a gun with my preggar belly. So, that'll have to wait...

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