Saturday, April 18, 2009

Child Labor Laws. HA!

My sister just posted this picture on Facebook. Isn't this sweet? Her daughter Scarlett, helping her do the dishes at my parents house. Just what I say! Start them YOUNG doing chores! Now, if you could only get them to change their own diaper...(I guess that's called potty training, right?) I guess the best way to get them enthused about doing chores is to buy toys that prep them for it. Like those toy vacuum cleaners that have the balls that pop/fly when you push them. INGENIOUS!

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linda said...

The sad truth that I discovered is that kids really want to help with chores until they reach the age when they actually could be somewhat competent doing them. That is when they completely lose interest in doing them. I always envied Mary Poppins' methods, in "Just a Spoonful of Sugar."