Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Birthday Boy!...(I mean Man!!)

Yeah!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Today is Stephen's birthday, and I would like to thank my Heavenly Father for sending him to me, or me to him, since he was born first!!

Stephen is such a wonderful husband/almost father. I know he'll be a great dad! One of the reasons is because (and forgive me Stephen for telling this but...), last month when we watched "HOOK" he cried (not a lot, but enough to make me go, "awww...your so sensitive! I mean sweet, in a masculine way!") when Peter Pan/Robin Williams told his son Jack that he was his happy thought. Stephen is so thoughtful! He still opens the door for me, and waits for me to be seated first so he can push my chair in. Even on his birthday he asks me where I want to eat (even I wouldn't do that on my own birthday). He always says "ladies first" and he helps me so much with my pregnancy demands and grumblings. He tells me I'm beautiful even when I'm not wearing makeup, have just worked out, or really do look horrifying. He tells me that being pregnant (despite the fact that I've already gained... uh-hmph 27 pounds at 6 months, aghhh, I can't believe I admitted that) just makes me look more beautiful to him, especially the fact that I'm carrying his child. And I want everyone to know how especially proud I am of him, because today he just got a new job!!!! Woohoo!! Thanks to Megan's fabulous twin sister Katie!!! (Megan's my sista-in-law) Katie works at the place that he got hired and highly recommended him to her boss. He starts tomorrow at Pro Pay. (For those of you wondering, Stephen is still in the process of applying for the CHP, but since it's such a long process with a lengthy background check we need something pronto to support us, and obviously pay for this baby's birthin' in the mean time.) Speaking of the CHP, (and since today is Stephen's special day, I, as his wife, have bragging privileges) Stephen got the results from the CHP for the QAP, questions appraisal panel, and he scored really high, he got a 90! Woohoo! That's my man! I love you always forever Stephen love of my life, shade of my heart, father of my children,.... And I hope you have a spectacular wonderful sensational HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM YOUR LOVING WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Sorry that I haven't posted things in a while, we lost our camera, which makes it difficult, BUT as soon as I get e-mails containing pictures from our graduation (last Friday) and my baby shower (last Saturday) I'll post the two events.

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Megan said...

Happy birthday, Steve!!! And congratulations on your job!!!!! Love, Megan and Karlitos