Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Ode To Marriage

So yesterday the love of my life went far away to the land of California and I miss him terribly.

(Isn't He HOT!!!!)

We will be apart for a little more than 48 hours, lame I know to cry over but I miss him. I missed snuggling up to him this morning pretending like I'm not trying to wake him up, just snuggle, although I really am trying to wake him up. I missed him reading me to bed last night. We started reading books together when we were engaged and haven't stopped since. My aunt, Maria, gave Stephen some very good advice at our wedding reception. She told him that after the reception we would be leaving to go on our honeymoon. She told us that we were to go and never come back from it. Stephen has done his best ever since, and I still don't feel like we've come back after about a year and a half of marriage. Being married to Stephen has truly been the best time of my life. I never thought that after my mission anything would, but this has. I look forward to greeting him when he comes home Sunday. I look forward to finding out what we will be having on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing our new baby and raising a family, living, and loving our whole lives and eternity together. (I don't know if this is more of an ode to marriage or to Stephen.) Marriage is great, and I THANK GOD EVERYDAY FOR IT!

The End to my somewhat Ode to Marriage. the way, some of you had wondered just what our sugar gliders names are. That is a good question. I'm not quite sure. There's a boy and girl, they're twins. There names are either rambo and ginger, or supa and mia. The first are the original names from the owners that we adopted them from the second are names that we came up with. But we constantly forget and call them ginger and rambo so...kinda funny! :)


Megan said...

That is very, very sweet. I'm glad you and Steve are so happy. Your wedding was the best I've ever been to because it seemed the most right. You and Steve seemed perfect for each other and everyone seemed so pleased for you. My OWN wedding wasn't even as good! I worried the whole time that my parents still weren't happy about Karl and me, and my dad refused outright to even come (and then showed up the next day for the reception, strangely enough)! Your wedding seemed simply full of joy--and I'm glad your marriage is, too. :) We're all so glad you're a part of the family! (I'll bet other people will say the same thing--only better and longer than me. Tee hee.)

Becky said...

It was fun to see Steve but I am glad he is home safe with you. BTW you should come next time!