Monday, March 23, 2009

California Trip

Stephen speaking-
I just came back from a very pleasant trip to California. I was there to take a California Highway Patrol P.O.S.T. exam, which I think I passed pretty well. It took a long time and there were a lot of interesting characters also trying out for the exam. I think there were over 200 people taking the test with me. After the exam I was able to help my friend Stephen Astle move his stuff, and then I hung out with my little brother Colin and his friend Glenn Sewell. Anyway, the good part of the trip was seeing family again. My little nephew Preston is getting cuter everyday. My mother and I babysat him so Nathan could take Becky out to dinner for her birthday. We played games together, which mostly consisted of me building towers and things out of blocks and him knocking them down afterward. Seeing Preston made me all the more excited to be a dad. Melinda and I find out tomorrow whether we are having a little boy or girl. Any wagers? We already have names all picked out.

I was really happy to come home to Melinda on Sunday night. Two nights apart, and I already was missing her terribly. How lame am I? She had cleaned the house (what I was unable to do before leaving) and had dinner all ready for me. Marriage is wonderful.

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