Monday, May 4, 2009

The Baby Shower (or James' Oth Birthday)

Despite the rain we did have the shower, my baby shower, or James' Oth (Ond? Ost?) Birthday Party! It was a lot of least I thought so. The shower took place at my Aunt (-in-law) Tracy's house. Aunt Tracy, I have to say, is an amazing cook!!

Me & Aunt Tracy

If anyone remembers ANYTHING about the shower, they might even forget who it was for, but they will not forget the fabulous food. In fact, when Tracy first offered to throw me a baby shower the FIRST THING that came to my mind was Tracy's good cookin'!

Here it is, although I wish I'd taken a picture of it before the shower and before everyone started eating, but it still looks glorious!

I don't know if you can tell, but in the bottem left hand on the table there is a cookie tray with lots of little pink things on it. That was one of the games that we played called "Bubble Gum Baby." I had to go out of the room for three minutes while all of the guests were given a huge peice of the pink Bubble Gum Bubble Yum; with it they had to sculpt a baby, and then when they were done they put them on a cookie tray to be judged by moi. The winners were Cassandra (Stephen's cousin) and Charrise Stephens (my friend). Some of the other games were "Sniff-a-Poo", "My Water Broke", and "Seventh Gift". "Sniff-a-Poo" consisted of taking 6 or 7 diapers and smashing different candy bars in them, like, Snickers, Reece's, York Patties, etc. People had to then smell the closed diapers and guess what kind of candy bar was in each diaper, and they didn't know which kind of candy bars were used. The winner for that game was Marisa Ontiveros (a friend from my TESOL grad program).

"My Water Broke"

The "My Water Broke" game is a bit more common at baby showers, but for those of you who don't take an icecube tray and freeze these tiny little babies in the icecubes. (sounds creepy, I know.) Whoever's baby melts out of the icecube first wins because there "water" was the first to break. The last game, which wasn't really a game, was called "Seventh Gift." You know how at weddings the first girl to catch the bouquet, or guy to catch the garter, are supposed to be the next person to get married? Well, I came across something, an old wives tail or whatever, that said that the seventh gift opened at a baby shower, whoever gave that gift is supposed to be the next person in the room to get pregnant. It's supposed to be especially funny if the gift giver is like, a grandma, or really old. Well, the winner of that game was ... Katie Baldwin. Watch out Katie! Her prize was a pregnancy test. :) Well...good luck with that. But I would like to say Katie was a great help at the shower, she was (other than my mom and Aunt Tracy) one of the first people there helping prepare things in the kitchen and get things ready for the shower, not to mention also one of the last people to leave. You're awesome!

Katie Baldwin (R) and Stephen's Aunt Diane (L)...

...(who had us and Sarah and Micheal over for Dinner/Games/Dessert last night with her daughter, Cassandra, and her family...)

Stephen's cousin Cassandra (Two-time Baby shower winner of "My water Broke" and "Bubble Gum Baby") with Sarah Taylor Bragonje...

... (Thanks for having us over last night guys, it was a blast. Cassie your hubby is a wonderful host, but a lousy cheat! We love ya Ryan!) I would just like to say, Sarah made some fabulous pumpkin muffins for the shower, Thank-you! (You'll have to give me that recipe later. :D )

More shower guests (L to R): Marisa Ontiveros ("Sniff-a-Poo" winner, that thing hanging from Tracy's ceiling behind Marisa makes her look like she has antlers), Mandi Malaman ( Mandi was also in my TESOL grad program, and was a great help giving me rides and answering a lot of my baby/pregnancy questions. You're awesome!), and Eleanor Clark (my student teaching companion).

There were more people that came, but my mom didn't whip out the camera until 15 mintues after the shower ended, so thank-you other half as well that came to the shower, but left before picture time.

The Swag

The aftermath, here's the swag. Sorry, no individual pixes...We still don't have camera, so for now, this will have to do.

And Me, at 6 months

My goodness this IS depressing. I wish I'd looked cuter for my baby fact, I thought I did look pretty cute. I DID do my make-up that day, believe it or not. But from the picture I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. I wish I could do my hair cute, but doing hair is a very foreign thing for me. Where were you Megan when needed you? (Remember the CA reception?) My sister-in-law Becky looked sooo cute at her baby shower...was it really so impossible for me to look cute for mine? The answer is: Apparently so.

This isn't Becky at her shower, but she looks cute, and is 38 WEEKS HERE. The picture above of me, I'm 25 weeks.

Yes, I'm huge. And I hate everyone who looks cute pregnant. (Megan, don't think you're off the hook here, I just don't have a pregnant picture of you.) Don't try to consolidate me, I hate you all. This woman asked me how my pregnancy has been a couple of weeks ago. I said "Miserable, I hate being pregnant, but it is very very slowly starting to improve." She then replied, "You'll probably hate me... (I interjected "I probably will, but go on..." she just smiled and continued)...but I never got sick when I was pregnant. I had nausea once from eating something funny, but other than that, that was it." I then replied dryly, "You're right. (eyes narrowing) I do hate you." (By the way, this is all meant "tongue and cheek" I only hate you in a "I'm jealous/envious of you way." Not in a real, I hate you way. I love my sistas-in-laws. :) (So, PLEASE, no one get offened by this post) At the beginning of my pregnancy my OBGYN told me she expected me to gain anywhere between 20-40 pounds. That means that I only have 10 pounds left to divide into the remaining 3 months. So everyone needs to pray really hard that I don't go over...10 pounds that is.


Becky said...

I'm so sad I didn't get to go. Every time I am at a store I look at baby boy stuff and I think of you. I can't wait for you guys to move out here. I miss you so much.

Megan said...

For some reason, all of my pregnancy pictures feature me with no head. I took them for my blog, and since I'd done neither my hair nor my makeup for these pics (and was all sweaty from running back and forth between my tripod and the wall), I always cropped the photo. Karl never took any pictures of me, so that's all I have! They're on my blog archive, though, if you're ever interested. I'M not--I hated looking pregnant, being pregnant, and feeling pregnant!!! Yuck. I feel for you.

linda said...

I think that women who take pictures of themselves pregnant are borderline masochistic. I have only a couple of pictures of my pregnant self (that were taken by other people!) and I remember feeling like a blimp when I saw them. But, luckily, pregnancy is limited by a fixed time constraint, and then you can have your own body back. As far as weight gain goes, everyone seems to be different. My advice is to focus on eating as healthily as you can, for your sake and the baby's sake, and don't focus on weight gain as much.