Friday, May 8, 2009

Be Grateful...

Yes, this is one of those "Be Attitudes" lessons and one that I needed to learn badly today. So some of my maternity clothes are getting just a little snug, or uncomfortable in certain places. Funny, the maternity shirt that my mom got me for Christmas doesn't really fit me anymore. I had expected my belly to possibly get too big for some of my maternity clothes, but my belly isn't the part that's too big. "The Girls" have decided to join in the belly fun of growing and getting more attention than is wanted or needed shall we say. "The Girls", not the belly, are also the reason why the two maternity dresses that I have aren't quite working out for me anymore. So last night I had Stephen take me to D.I. and Savers to look at maternity clothes (because most maternity stores are too expensive.) I found one shirt, that I got, but everything else was hideous! I started to cry and feel extremely sorry for myself, which just got worse when we went to Macey's to get food and I saw this other pregnant woman who was tiny everywhere else and then had a basketball tummy. It didn't help when Stephen said, "See look, she's pregnant, too!" because she was wearing/still fitting into clothes that weren't maternity. Don't worry, I'm coming up on the part where I need to be grateful. Well, this morning I was surfing blogs, jumping from one blog link to another to another, when I came across this one blog. I watched the video they had posted, a song called "I Would Die For That." Maybe some of you have heard it before, BUT have you seen the video? (Sorry but you'll have to click on the link to see the video, I can't figure out how to put videos up on my blog. Megan? A little help please? :)

I can't remember the last time I cried so hard. (Trust me, take a minute and watch the video, it's really worth it.) The whole part about me feeling sorry for myself kind of went away. Does this mean I will never ever have a pregnancy complaint again in my life? No. But it certainly helps me to see that this isn't perhaps as bad as I see it. This goes out to all you woman out there that are having, or have had, a tough pregnancy like myself; be grateful. Play "the happy game" like on the movie "Pollyanna." And watch this video, especially on the days you are feeling like throwing yourself your own pity party.


Megan said...

Melinda--I know how you feel. It really, really sucks that, in order to have a baby, you have to lose so many parts of yourself and yet are expected to just be fine with it. I'm pretty certain there are no maternity clothes out there cute enough to make me feel good wearing them. Urgh. I haven't watched the video you posted yet but I will--I'm on my mom's laptop, which sucks at playing videos.

What size of maternity clothes are you wearing? (Don't post this if you don't want to--you can email me and I won't tell anyone!) I have a box of clothes I could lend you (we're trying to put together a long weekend of sorts in Provo, so I could bring them with me). Everything's in storage right now, but I can haul it out and see what's what. I can't promise anything too spectacular (maternity clothes tend to be a bit cutesy, after all), but a fresh selection sometimes does the trick!

Megan said...

I totally cried watching that video, and so did Karl. The top of my head is all wet now from him using me as a headrest. It definitely makes me think hard about how lucky I am when I desperately want to smack Camryn's little belligerent bottom! I never particularly wanted kids, but it was very easy for me to have a baby, and so many of my friends would give anything to have children and struggle to do so. Sometimes life seems so unfair. But what a sweet, sweet reminder of how fortunate I am to have teensy little Camryn in my life.

Help Que and Brittany Adopt said...

Thank you for posting my link! (and my button!)

Even though I have given up on the hope of being pregnant, I haven't given up on being a mother. Thank you for helping others remember those of us that might never be moms. :) (Mother's Day is really hard for people like me.)

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