Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everybody loves Freebees

I think I might have mentioned before that Stephen and I joined this Yahoo group called Freecycle. I love it! Today I just got another free thing, a baby bath tub, AND it's in great condition. Here it is...

(the bath tub, not that little blue seat thing in the background)

It's great. So far we've gotten a carseat with base/stroller combo, a glider/rocking chair, some baby clothes, baby boy frames, and now the bath tub. Nothing looks that spectacular, but they're all in good working condition, and they are free. Besides...we would have had to buy all this stuff used anyways, so why not get them for free. Especially since the thrift stores here are so ridiculously overpriced. I thoroughly recommend everyone to join. The only thing is, the stuff goes really fast. Especially the baby stuff. (At least here in Provo they do, but maybe that's because here babies are a dime a dozen.) For example, almost every morning I check free cycle right when I wake up, and almost every morning someone has posted something for babies. No matter how fast I send an e-mail, someone else always beats me. A lot of people post things in really good condition. Just my luck though, the one baby clothes posting that says in the post "not nice, but usable condition" is the only one that I actually got. They were right, every article of clothing had a stain on it. That's okay, I'll just save those clothes for at home, or playing in the dirt time. My advice, join freecycle, get free stuff. Not only get free stuff, but it's nice to unload stuff you don't need anymore that someone else might.

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Summer Lewis said...

I joined Freecycle but you're right, stuff goes ridiculously fast! I did give away some old kitchen stuff that Ben and I were going to take to DI, which made me feel good.