Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day = 4 Day Weekend!!

Stephen and I realized Thursday night that Monday was Memorial Day, meaning paid holiday, meaning, we should go do something fun. We were going to go down to St. George, but when we called up my parents turns out they had already planned on taking advantage of the holiday by going to Moab. So we ended up inviting my brother Jeff to come spend the weekend with us. It was fun. I don't have a car during the day, so Friday I had my own chauffeur. First he took me to Joann's to get some things that I needed for my many sewing projects I have going on. Later Friday night we went to go see the movie "Knowing" at the dollar theater.
Maybe you've seen a preview for it, it has a very "end of the world" feeling to it. In fact, I wouldn't recommend seeing it. It seems like some one's interesting interpretation of "The Rapture." Then on Saturday we were on our way to take Jeff to see the thrill of Provo...Farmers Market, when we saw a Yard Sale. Turned out to be a girls camp yard sale from our old ward. The girls were trying to raise enough money to go to girls camp. We got there towards the end, and they were just trying to get rid of stuff at that point, so they handed us a grocery bag and said whatever we could fill in the bag for a total of three dollars. We checked to make sure they had baby boy stuff, and they did, so we decided to do it. We were able to fit 32 things in the bag; receiving blankets, hats, clothes, hooded baby towel, etc. all for three dollars. That's like, what? 9 cents each. Not bad, huh? (I didn't think we could beat last week, when we went on a yard sale shopping spree. This one family with like 4 or 5 kids were getting rid of all their baby and kid stuff for 25 cents per item. We got like 70+ items for about $18. Again, things like blankets, shoes, hats, hooded towels, clothes, etc. Plus, a Graco baby swing for $2, and an infant car seat head pillow thing for $1.) After the yard sale we went to Farmer's Market. In the last two weeks they grew twice as big. Stephen and I shared a Belgian Waffle, and it was THE BEST waffle I ever had.

They reminded me a lot of my favorite cookies, which actually aren't really cookies but Dutch waffles called "Stroopwafels."

There was a girl on my mission that was Dutch who spoke perfect English by the way, and her mom had sent some of these cookies/waffles. Anyway...) Stephen bought me some Lavender bath fizzles that smell awesome, and then we got to this one booth that was selling these little wooden Hungarian dolls that have rose oil perfume on the inside. We were about to keep going when we read the sign that said it was for orphanages in Hungary. The girl at the booth had served her mission in Hungary and had gone back there after her mission to help in the orphanage. She had brought back the dolls to sell in hopes of raising money for the children in the orphanage.

So we decided to get one of the dolls. Something I forgot to mention, when my brother came out he brought two episodes of Horatio Hornblower that he had rented from his local library. Stephen looked at me and smiled making some comment about how his mom and aunt thought he, Horatio Hornblower was "dreamy". Obviously he expected me to develop some kind of crush on Horatio from watching the show. Funny thing though, because after watching one episode Stephen was the one to get hooked. So Saturday after Farmer's Market he and my brother went to the local library and Stephen got the first four episodes to watch.

Don't get me wrong, I like it too, but Stephen loves it!! (For some reason Horatio reminds me of a gecko.) Sunday after church my brother and I went to the cemetery in American Fork to visit our grandparents graves.

First we went to my mom's parents. Beth Shelton Jorgensen and Leo Jorgensen, my step-grandfather John Dean was also buried at the same cemetery, and we thought we remembered where his grave was, but we looked forever and couldn't find it. My grandfather Leo served in the Korean War and brought back some china with him that I've inherited. We forgot that it was Memorial Day weekend, so the cemetery was packed, there were so many people there. Afterwards we sung by and visited my grandma Dean. She was so excited and said that now she could brag to her friends and say that she did have a visitor over the Memorial Weekend. (I really need to go visit her more frequently.) Monday there was a free breakfast special going on at Ikea.

Not that breakfasts there aren't already cheap, but this was free. So we went, I had wanted to go look at the baby/kid stuff. There were some finger puppets there that I wanted to get, but I started to get tired and, don't get me wrong I LOVE Ikea, but to get to the register you have to walk through the whole flippin' store. I asked a worker if I could just go through to the front to get to the register and just buy my stuff and even explained I was tired and pregnant and she said I couldn't. So I told Stephen we'd just come back another time to get it. After breakfast Uncle Stephen and Aunt Tracy invited us over for lunch, then Stephen and Jeff went and saw Terminator 4.

Fun weekend, I love holidays.


linda said...

It sounds like a fun and full weekend. I'm glad that you are having fun collecting baby things. I think that is an important part of nesting, and when you can get a whole bag for $3.00, that is a cheap way to nest! By the way, we were all wishing that you and Stephen lived here so that you could have been with us over the holiday too.

Megan said...

People who don't bend over backward for pregnant ladies should be ripped limb from limb!!! (Or at least made to sit on the other side of the theater.)

Megan said...

Okay--that wasn't nice. You can delete my comment. ;)

Rita said...

What a coincidence, just the other day I was wondering about the stroopwafels and where I could buy them!