Friday, May 15, 2009

Saturday Fun

I will have to break up last Saturday's happenings because I'm waiting for pictures that I had to take with my mom's camera. Ours is still in limbo. Luckily enough you can find lots of pictures on Yahoo! images. So...last Saturday Stephen and I went to the Provo's Farmer's Market.

The one in Provo isn't huge, but I still had a lot of fun. I like looking at people's crafts and things. I don't really buy anything, except for food, but I like to get ideas for things I myself can make at home. Like this onesie.

I know no one expects babies to wear the traditional church clothes when they are newborns, but whenever I see a baby at church all dressed up in a little man suit, or even just a onesie with a tie on it I think they are the cutest things. I saw these onesies at the Farmer's Market. They were about $15 for one. I told Steve I could make 5 for that price! And so I shall. Although I have so many projects going on right now, I'm not sure when I'll finish any of them. The real reason I wanted to go the Farmer's Market is because last year someone was selling this South African sausage.

It was THE BEST meat I ever had. I had been craving it so bad. Unfortunately Raquel told us they weren't there that day. GRRR... So we ate something else called Kürtőskalács. Way good.

It's a Hungarian pastry called "chimney cake". It was soo good. It was like eating a cross between a Cinnamon roll and churro. Not as bready as the Cinnamon roll, but not greasy like the churro. Just absolute wonderfulness. We also ate a "Navajo Taco."

That was good, too. Not really healthy, but it was good. We had an unexpected visit from my parents last weekend (that's why I'm waiting for pixes from them). My uncle called them and invited them to come up for a birthday party for my Grandma Dean. They were only here Friday and Saturday, but it was fun. My sister Megan called me up last week about a special Mother's Day gift for our mom. Admittedly I usually just do a card thing, but this year we got presents for our mommas. Yea! Stephen's mom hasn't received her gift yet, curse the mail (curse it I say!!), so I'll talk about my mom's special gift. So Megan called me up and told me that she has heard our mom talking several times about how it would be nice to have a white tent to put her art up in to display.

For those of you who don't know my mom paints. In fact, we have some of her paintings up in our house. My mom has become more involved lately in putting up her art in public places. In fact, there is an art gallery in Southern Utah that asked her if they could display her art work. It's displaying there now. So we all pitched in a little, and dad did too, and we got her a tent to put her art work up in. Yea!

P.S. More posts on Mother's Day Weekend coming soon.
P.P.S. I had a couple of people ask me about my last post, there was a bit of confusion...sorry about the confusion. No, Stephen's sister Sarah is not pregnant. At least she wasn't the last time I checked. Not that I "checked." What I meant to say was, some day in the future. Hence, future momma. Sorry again.

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