Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Presents and a Baptism

I'm slowly trying to catch up on all the Taylor going ons, as you might have been able to tell by the late Graduation and Baby Shower posts. I know I put up a Birthday Ode to Stephen already last week, BUT I didn't show you some awesome gifts that he got. As many of you know Stephen has this...shall we say, interesting, fascination with ZOMBIES (Not to mention Alien invasions and the non-existent mythical creatures known as ORCS, but for now we will stick with the theme of Zombies since those are more prevalent). I'm not sure why, or where it came from, but there it is. Something I learned when we were dating. (We all have our own INTERESTING little quarks; mine is a reoccurring dream, that I had yet again last night, about shopping at Forever 21 and everything was on sale for $1. Man, sometimes I really hate waking up. Sorry...tangent...anyway, back to Zombies.) So for a Birthday present Stephen's oldest brother Karl and his wife Megan

indulged this Zombie fascination by getting him a T-shirt reflecting his fantasy...

...the fantasy of fighting off Zombies. Not just alone, but making it a family activity. But it didn't end with their indulging Stephen in this "sort" of behavior, but they decided to help his future son develop this same passion for fighting evil...the dead kind of evil that should stay...dead. Yes, you guessed it...

a Zombie Baby Tee for Baby James. Karl and Megan have a knack for getting funny gifts, like the one they gave Stephen two years ago, a T-shirt that says "What Would Jane Do, Besides Bring Grenades?" (An inside joke, you'd have to know the short lived T.V. series "Firefly", and Stephen's love for it to understand). Thanks you guys, I can't wait to put Baby James in that Tee! :P :D ;)

I got Stephen the movie "Iron Man" for his birthday, but it wasn't planned.

Originally I had planned on getting him this really cool illustrated version of the book "Treasure Island" which he has talked about a number of times. There was one specific one that he read with his younger brother Colin when he was younger. I wanted to get that specific one, but couldn't find it. Who would have guessed there could be so many different illustrated versions of that book. I ran out of time, so I got the movie. But he's happy so, that's good.

Also, last week on Saturday we went to Stephen's cousin's daughter's baptism.

His cousin, Ryan Moses, invited us to his oldest daughter, Kailey's baptism. It was very sweet, for the opening hymn they played the rainbow song, which was/is one of my favorite primary songs. (I think the real name is "I Love to Look for Rainbows". It always makes me cry, just like the "Families Can Be Together Forever" song. I don't know why, but ever since I was a kid, and it continues today, whenever I hear those two songs I cry. It was a good thing that we came in halfway through the first hymn, that way I only cried a little. Ryan asked Stephen to stand in as one of the men to confirm her to get the Holy Ghost afterwards. It was very sweet. After the confirmation Kailey started to cry and went straight to her dad for a big huge, it was so sweet. So, of course I had to start crying, again. (I wish I was that emotionally caught up at my own baptism, but unfortunately the thing I remember most about my baptism was that I had to wear the church standard onesie outfit as opposed to some white frilly dress that some of the other girls mother's made for them for their baptism. Funny, but no one really does that anymore.) When Stephen sat down I told him that that would be him in 8 years, not the one getting baptized but the one doing the baptizing. :D (Just to clear things up). He just smiled really big. After the baptism there was a BBQ and Stephen got to hang out with his cousins. Ahh...fun times with the fam.


Megan said...

Funnily enough, we own "Iron Man," too, and it was also not a planned purchase! One night after a long day caring for a tiny Bundle, Karl and I needed a serious pick-me-up and walked to Blockbuster to rent "Iron Man," which had come out that day. (Side note: Karl is OBSESSED with "Iron Man." Aside from the womanizing, Tony Stark is everything Karl wants to be.) So we got there, and every single copy was checked out. Karl was totally crushed by his dashed plans, like a little boy about to lick his ice cream cone for the first time, only to see it tumble to the ground untasted. So I grabbed a brand new copy of the movie they had for sale (overpriced) and said, "Okay, then. We're buying it." You should have seen the spring in his step on the way home!!! Ice cream cone restored and enjoyed. Megan = hero of the hour.

Glad you liked the t-shirts! Liked? Well, maybe "tolerated" is more like it. I even made sure to get a baby tee instead of a onesie so James could wear it longer. Yay hooray for zombies!

Megan said...

Oh, and one good place to look for old or out-of-print copies of books is either Amazon.com or Half.com. You don't always find what you're looking for, but I've had luck with both!

Katie and Ken Baldwin said...

I love those t-shirts! Kenny loves zombie movies so much that we watched one on our honeymoon. : P